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Meet Robert C. Lerner

After obtaining my MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business I spent more than 20 years working at Wang Global rising to President of Wang’s North American Field Service operation with responsibility for over 4,000 employees and revenues of more than half a billion dollars. In 2000 I led a management buyout of a division of the company and was appointed President and CEO of QualxServ, the newly formed enterprise.  Under my leadership QualxServ grew into a global computer services provider employing over 3,000 computer service professionals worldwide. I retired in 2009 to spend more time with my family as well as pursue my passion for the study of the business management lessons that can be learned from ancient Rome. With the publication of Entrepreneurship and Ethics in Ancient Rome, Career Turbulence, Customer Acquisition Strategies and the drafting The Entrepreneurial Thinking of Marcus Crassus, I began writing fiction with traces of antiquity and magical realism sprinkled in each book. The Cinderella Vessel, An Accidental Prophet, Dog Park Diaries, and Contemporary Folktales are all available now on

Following the birth of my two granddaughters I started writing children's books. The T-Rex and the Pawpaw Tree, Tommy, The T-Rex, Wants to Fly, The T-Rex and the Teeter Totter, Dinosaur Fables for Children, Modern Fables and Rigby's Science Experiment are all available now on

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